I want my time back

I always want much time to do things that make me successful.

I want to grow, I want to rich, I want to be respected by others, I want people to admire me for my multiple talents.

Alas! I know I have no Talent.


Talent is something created by doing things and become perfect in it.

If I look to my actions then I know that they are no synchronizing with my desires.

Most of the time when I am free and I have a lot of time I just feel watching anime, movie, K-drama or reading manga without considering to put the effort into accomplishing my desire.

I have the desire but not strong.

If I take my action to support those desires, wouldn’t I become successful in my eye?

If I take action according to my goals wouldn’t I accomplish them sooner?

I should just stop wasting my free time and put those free time to accomplish something big for myself. so that I won’t feel like I don’t have time.

Instead of reading manga -> I should start reading skill-related books.

Instead of listening to music -> I should start learning the guitar to make my own music.

Instead of watching other people turning their life into a successful life – I should just turn my life into a successful life with a lot of hard work, efforts, practice, and patience.


It’s not like I don’t have time. The problem is I am not using the time correctly and not choosing the right things for myself that make me respectful and proud of myself.

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