Self – Awareness

What is this self-awareness? what does it mean to me? How i will become aware of myself? and what it will help me in?.

I never was a good self-aware person. I always give priority to other people’s needs and end up exhausted to anything for myself.

I always end up feeling regrettable toward myself for wasting my time and not completing my own task or looking after myself.

I am regretting just how much time I had.

but I wasted- in helping others, advising them about their life and their business, reading manga and watching movies and gossiping without any gain.

when I self-reflecting my actions. I always end up looking like a slave to someone or something.

sometimes I think something is wrong with me.

shouldn’t I be happy to help others and enjoy watching movies or gossiping with others? but why I end up regretting it.

I would have been more fit, intelligent and wealthy if I would have self-aware of my actions and decision before.

but these regreting feelings were telling me to look toward my choices and actions.

This regretting feeling was the call for me to become self- aware of myself.

now self-aware of myself and I will make better decisions that will make my life better without regretting anything after. after all, we got one life to live.

Why I was Regretting?

It was because I was not growing in any area of my life and not accomplishing anything in my life.

What is Self-awareness?

Self-awareness is being aware of our actions, choices, body-movement, thinking, and even our breathing.

I mostly thought before that I was self-aware of myself and I always says that I know what I am doing but end up becoming a slave to my feelings(mood), desire, impulses, and circumstance.

but I am now self-aware of myself I will become king of my life.

What the benefit of becoming self-aware of ourselves?

Becoming aware of my decision and action will create destiny in which I will be the protagonist of that life story.

Now i know what choices and decisions will benefit my in creating the life i want.

How to become self-aware?

By Concisely taking action and decisions will help me become self-aware.


I will be self-aware of myself by taking action and decision concisely which benefits my goal and my success so that I won’t regret it later in life.

From today’s onward I will try my best to aware of myself so that I won’t take those actions that driven by mood and impulses. I will only take those activities and decisions that will benefit my life.

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