Take Action Without Procrastination

Procrastination that’s just a simple word with the simple meaning ” the action of delaying something“. I gave enough credit that I bought a Udemy course to overcame it.

Procrastination became very difficult for me to overcome. I always thought that I don’t start something because I am procrastinating.

I should overcome it.

But How

I watched videos on youtube and read some books over this problem but some techniques work and some not.

Figured out to overcome procrastination

what works for me is forget the word Procrastination and forget its meaning, when I don’t feel doing something, “Let’s do this” without thinking anymore. I stop making excuse like how should I start, I didn’t make a plan, I will fail.

First I take a small action to support my work and then start doing the whole things own my own.

For Example, if I don’t feel like working on a Blog site then I just open it and clean my computer and table after cleaning I start doing what I meant to do.

Second I don’t let myself distracted with anything else like tv, calling friends, etc.

By opening the Blog site on a computer, which help me know what I have to do. This way nothing else will distract me in the mean time and it will easily start on a project at hand.

Problem That I Faced

I had a procrastination problem because I know this word. I know that if I am not taking action that means I am procrastinating.

I blame this word if I became unable to do something in the past, that’s become a habit for me and then I start looking for a way to solve this problem instead of solving the problem from within.

the Answer was there in me to solve this problem.

when I am doing something, I never procrastinate.

that means just get started with what I want to do. Once I start something I am going to finish it.

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