External Things can’t fix Internal Problem

External things like money, house, and business can never fix a person’s mood, behavior, thinking, or decision problem.

External things mostly break us and create a problem for us whereas internal things fix them for us.

For example – Acquiring more houses then your necessity without preparing your mind about maintenance and charges (how you going to pay them) creates tension for you. Whereas if your mind prepared to manage them before purchasing, you wouldn’t be suffered form tension and stress.

The Difference in Internal and External things

External things (money, house, business, etc) can only increase the opportunities to make our life easy and comfortable. whereas,

Internal Things like mindset, mental strength, and will power can make us into a better human in every path of our life.


We mostly waste our life in acquiring the external things in our whole life. most of our whole day time go into making more money or thinking about what others thought about us. We never consider changing our behavior, our thinking or our reaction to the situations.

Our society running a losing game without even realizing where they putting their precious time.


I am not saying that you should become some kind of monk and start walking a path of finding enlightenment. All I am saying is to become more aware of yourself – your behavior, your thinking, your decisions, your promises or much more about your internal self.

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