Fasting! Make mind STRONG and DISCIPLINED

“Fasting” is leaving food out of your schedule.

Today, I’m doing Fasting

Firstly, I realized it is not Simple to start, Secondly, I thought I have decided, Thirdly I am feeling light and fresh, And, Fourthly, I am craving for food, And Lastly I am Adapted to Fasting.

Fasting challenges to your Desire to eat food, And, Once you control your desire, you become “Little Strong”.

In-other-word Fasting develops a strong desire which makes our mind to crave more food (thinking about food and hunger). BUT,

In reality, Fasting clean-out our inner system and makes them Strong,(One day of fasting in a week does not Kill us).

Once we tackle these Desires and Wants, We become More Self-Disciplined.

Our Need for food is not having Three meals a day and Twenty-one meals a week, we can survive without Any effect if we lose three meals a week. (In the process you save some money).

In other word,

Our Need for food is to eat enough food for survival, not for timing, scheduled, or for Taste.

You may wanna try Fasting for yourself once a week As I’m doing on Sunday. You don’t have to pick the same day..,

Pick any day, you are comfortable with

but Remember, do Fasting only a day, that, you don’t have to do Lot of Physical work (workout, jogging or labor work), but little work can do you well.

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